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Fire Dragon Australia

Chief Instructor Master Neal Hardy

Master Neal Hardy, the Chief Instructor of Fire Dragon Australia, commenced training in Pai Lum Kung Fu at the age of 28 in 1982. He was inspired by ideals of striving, helping others, and self-mastery, but when he started, asked all the wrong questions. In time, he learned how better to seek knowledge, and gained some understanding of himself. From a man who was not at peace with himself, in any sense, he grew to like himself, and to make his dreams come true. In time, he learned enough about the Way to teach others, and became an instructor, although he had not started training with that aim.

One dream he had was to return to Australia, where he had grown up, and share with others what the Way of the White Dragon had given him. Like many dreams, it took a while to become a reality, but in February 1995, he opened formal classes after some years of teaching privately. He acknowledges that establishing and maintaining a martial arts school is the greatest and most demanding challenge he has faced, but welcomes it. It is time to repay the debt to all those who helped him understand - and to give back to the Dragon.

Strength of mind, body and Ch'i

He is still actively pursuing knowledge in the Way, learning from his Instructor Pai Shinzan, Thomas D. St Charles, Grandmaster of the Shaolin White Dragon Society, from other martial artists, both in the Pai Family, and in other styles, and of course, from his students.

Master Hardy with his Instructor, Pai Shinzan

Master Hardy is a Fifth Level Teacher (Black Belt) in Pai Lum Kung Fu, and was given the name Pai Lung Tsai Hsia by his teacher, who has recognised him as adopted Grandson of the late Grandmaster Daniel Pai in 2003. He is a member of the White Dragon Family Arts Society and has been given the task of building the Way of the White Dragon in Australia - of building the Australian Pai Lum Family. He has accepted this task.

Master Hardy is presented with his Masters Certificate by Pai Shinzan, with Master Harris (left) and Master Sanders (right)

Master Hardy holds Shodan (Black Belt) rank in Shotokan Karate. He is a full member of the Australian Kung Fu (Wu Shu) Federation (AKWF) and a qualified Level 1 Coach under the National Coaching Accreditation Scheme of the Australian Coaching Council. Master Hardy is also a member of the International Martial Art Alliance.

Pai Family Lineage

Master Hardy commenced training with Sifu, later Master Murray Beatts, who at the time was a student of (then) Master Thomas St Charles, Pai Shinzan. He attended courses by Master St Charles and was graded to 1st Level Black Belt by him on 13 May 1986.

On the retirement of Master Beatts from the martial arts, then Sifu Hardy approached Pai Shinzan, who had become Grandmaster of the Shaolin White Dragon Branch of the Pai Family, to accept him as his student. Grandmaster St Charles did accept him.

He was promoted to 4th Level Master by Grandmaster St Charles in 2003, and in 2005 was promoted to 5th Level Master Teacher, and awarded the rank of Grandson. He is thus 2nd generation Grandson, with the name Pai Lung Tsai Hsia. In October 2009, Grandmaster St Charles took the unusual step of promoting Master Hardy to 7th Higher Level.

Master Hardy has also trained with the following Pai Lum Family members (though does not claim exhaustive training):

  • Master Sanders (2nd Generation under Pai Shinzan)
    Master Harris (2nd Generation under Pai Shinzan)
  • Grandmaster Fred Schmitz (Sen Chuan) - 1st Generation
  • Grandmaster Shaun Dick (Bai Xue Long) - 1st Generation
  • Grandmaster Steve Matthews (Pai Shao Li) - 1st Generation
  • Master William Luciano [2nd Generation under Pai Chin Lin and Pai Bok Hok (Pai Pai He)]

Florida, August 2007: Pai Shi Li, Bai Xue Long, Master Hardy, Sen Chuan

Master Hardy with Master Cosmo Rusch, 2007

Master Hardy with Master Luciano, 2003

You can contact Master Hardy via e-mail at the address

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