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Fire Dragon Australia

Approach every lesson with an empty cup: a desire to learn; a yearning to grow, and a preparedness to change.

What you will learn

In the Fire Dragon club, as a student of Pai Lum Kung Fu, you will learn as much as you are able to: about yourself, about life, and about the way of the White Dragon. Your instructor is your guide: he or she is there to help you win this knowledge. One thing you will not learn in Fire Dragon is how to be a thug: how to misuse the knowledge you will acquire. But if your desire is to learn the Way, then you will learn not only what you want, but also what you need, in order to become a martial artist.

Mind Over Matter
Mind Over Matter

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You will be taught the Art and philosophy of Pai Lum Kung Fu: the words and wisdom of Pai.

Above all else, the student of Pai Lum will learn harmony with him or herself. When the student is in harmony, she or he is able to harness all her or his energies - mental, physical and spiritual - to achieve whatever goals she or he has set. Thus, the Way of the White Dragon teaches the student to maximise his or her potential. And remember one of the Pai Lum mottos: "Minimum effort, maximum result"! Self confidence, self esteem, and self fulfillment enable the student to enjoy life, and to make the most of it.

As a student, you will be asked to do your best. You will have different abilities to every other student, and so will have different strengths, and different areas where extra effort is necessary. Your teaching and training will be tailored to your individual requirements, and you will learn traditional Kung Fu, Self Defence, meditation for relaxation, Ch'i control, and, at the same time, become fitter and more relaxed.