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Fire Dragon Australia

Fire Dragon Kung Fu - Syllabus

Rank has its privileges, but with rank comes responsibility. The knowledge that you gain must be earned; the techniques and abilities you acquire should not be misused.

To help focus your mind on the next steps in your learning, you have access only to the syllabus for the ranks you have achieved , and the rank you have next to gain.

Remember what you have learned, practice, and strive to be worthy of greater knowledge.

Sashes are worn to denote rank achieved, in the following order:

Students who have progressed to Green Sash, and who demonstrate an understanding of and commitment to the Way, can be promoted to Wasu or Student Instructor rank, marked by a black sash with purple fringe. This rank outranks all others but Black Belt, or Instructor, and is a reflection of the importance placed on teaching in Pai Lum Kung Fu.

*Red sash with gold fringe (9th Degree Instructor)
*Red sash with red fringe (10th Higher Level - Grand Master)

*Gold sash with red fringe denotes a Family member. Family members are more senior than levels other 10th Higher Level.

Note that to pass a grading, a short written test may be required, after the physical grading examination. Students must demonstrate an understanding of Ch'i, and a knowledge of the principles of Pai Lum. A minimum level of proficiency is required, but excellent students will be required to perform at a higher standard.