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Fire Dragon Australia

About Yin and Yang

Yin is regarded as the female sign or feminine principle, and Yang as the male. These concepts we use in Pai Lum - they apply to punching for example, though they are much more. Remember that in punching, we use both Yin and Yang - pull and push, but remember too, that punching is only one element of the Way.

Both Yin and Yang are necessary, even when it appears that a technique uses only one. So the basic punch uses both Yin and Yang equally, yet the vertical punch in the second Short Form of the Tiger may appear to be Yang only - but uses hidden Yin. If you don't pull you can't push effectively!

In the same way every person has both Yin and Yang: there is both male and female in each of us. This is true of both our physiology - our hormones for example - and of our spirit. Our women Dragons have Yang as well as Yin, and our men Dragons have Yin as well as Yang. This is necessary for balance.

The student should recognise and welcome both elements. Men - understand and welcome the woman in you - seek to move with grace, spin and side step; women - understand and welcome the man in you - know when and how to use strength, power, and when to go through your opponent for a short cut!

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