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Fire Dragon Australia

Learn Spinning and Twisting

Many Martial Arts styles use long range kicks, many use close range hand techniques and grappling - but far fewer include spinning and twisting as a core approach. Students of Pai Lum are taught not only both long and short range techniques, but also how to spin and how to twist.

In Pai Lum, we spin for both offence and defence - we use hands, elbows, shoulders, feet, hips - the art of using spinning - at the right time, and with the right techniques, is very much a Pai Lum approach to self defence.

It is a facet of the flexibility inherent in, and encouraged by the style, and is very noticeable in our Forms, from the first ones we learn, to those learned by senior level Instructors.

Spinning, from simple evasion, to strikes such as spinning backfist, to White Dragon kicks, contains an important surprise element, but as importantly harnesses the power of centrifugal force, and makes it more difficult for an opponent to make contact.

Students of Pai Lum learn the difference between twisting techniques, and full spinning, the importance of foot placement and good stances, and how to use their hands as a guard when spinning. Of course, students are taught when not to spin, and how to change from a straight line to a spinning approach.

And students - and potential students - should remember that spinning and twisting is an element of the essential coiling natures of both Snake and Dragon!

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