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Chi Gung

Chi Gung (Qi Gong) is the practice of developing, circulating and using Chi or internal energy.

Master Hardy teaches practical Chi Gung - how to develop and use Chi to defend yourself, and to keep yourself healthy.

He has practised the former literally for decades, and has used it to help break tonnes of concrete, and to withstand the impact of having tonnes of concrete broken on him. The power of internal energy when added to correct technique and external energy can be formidable.

Once or twice when he had demonstrations to lead, Master Hardy used Chi Gung to ward off influenza for a while. He has, however, only been systematically practising Chi Gung on a daily basis for health since perhaps 2007, and is grateful to Sifu Scuffell of the Shen Zhao Pai Athletic Association for introducing him to some very effective exercises.

He has used these exercises as foci for his personal daily practise, and to help his students. The constant daily practice has enabled Master Hardy to generate Chi more quickly, and to be more able to use Chi to stay healthy. In the last two years, Master Hardy has had no colds or 'flus - and several have had a good go at him!

However, it is not just Masters of Kung Fu who can generate and use Chi - several of Master Hardy's students at even White and Yellow sash levels have successfully fought off colds and 'flu infections - it does work!

One of the effects of Chi Gung is to generate heat - often in the hands and feet, but also Dan Tien. This can make the practitioner quite warm - and can be used as feedback.

To maximise success, it is vital to recognise when an infection is starting and to start Chi Gung immediately - when that tickle starts at the back of the nasal passage, when the first sneezes start with that feeling in the sinuses, when that off feeling comes with a bad taste at the back of the throat - that is when to start the exercises. No matter when it is, including the middle of the night - start the exercises. And repeat Chi Gung sets as long as the early symptoms of infection persist or whenever they recur. It is possible - and may be necessary - to practice Chi Gung in your sleep!

It is also important to understand and allow for the cost of using Chi - when an infection has been defeated, remember there is a balancing. Give yourself time to rest - and you will need it!

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