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Fire Dragon Australia

Learn Self Defence Techniques

Pai Lum Kung Fu offers a very effective system of self defence, with long range kicks, punches and blocks, shorter range strikes and blocks, and a range of strategies and techniques for fighting in close. However, mastery of these takes considerable time.

Self Defence Technique

Thus the beginner also learns an effective set of self defence techniques along with basic stances, strikes and blocks. These are not only distilled from Pai Lum, but include elements common to many Martial Arts systems. With practice students should have the capacity to defend themselves against attackers grabbing them, and within a year against many other situations, but self defence is obviously a capacity which continues to improve with training.

Self Defence Technique

Pai Lum Kung Fu shares many techniques with other Martial Arts styles,such as Thai Boxing, Karate, Ju Jitsu and Aikido, among others.However, he central element of our ability to defend ourselves comes from the White Dragon. The heart of the White Dragon can be summarised as "Attitude" - the will to overcome and survive!

Remember that the mind and spirit must aid the body in self defence, and the best defence is not to be there!

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