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Fire Dragon Australia

The Two Sides of the Dragon

Of the many dichotomies in the Martial Arts, one of the most integral is the relationship between hurting and healing - they are two parts of a whole.

The Dragon is in one sense, a mythical beast, and in another sense, a reflection of the human spirit. Dragons breathe fire, fly, and fight with amazing ferocity. The power of the Dragon is considerable, and can be used to cause pain, but there is also another side to that power: it can also be used to heal. After all, Ch'i is the essence of Dragon, and Ch'i is necessary to life, and is a healing force. Very often, exactly the same places are used to heal and to hurt - just a bit differently!

The student of the White Dragon should seek to understand the healing side of the Art - it is a part of the whole, and is important if the student is to overcome those training injuries which are inevitable, at least at higher levels. When you, the student have students of your own, as you care for your students, you will help them to heal well. An understanding of one side of the Art furthers understanding of the other!

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