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Fire Dragon Australia


There are very many weapons taught as part of the Chinese martial arts, and several of these are taught in Pai Lum Kung Fu.[The Sifu With Sword]
The Sifu With Sword

Before a student is taught weapons techniques, however, she or he must demonstrate a good level of competence in empty hand self defence. In Fire Dragon Australia, weapons are not taught until the student has advanced to at least the level of green sash, and shown good balance, coordination and body control.

If a student cannot move fluidly and in control without a weapon, their movement with a weapon is more likely to be a danger to themselves than others, and the may find themselves relying on a weapon rather than on themselves. And, too, a student must show the mental maturity to warrant the additional responsibility.

Ring Knife Technique
Ring Knife Technique

Weapons taught include the long staff (or bo), Chinese broadsword, and ring knives. We also teach jian (Chinese straight sword) and sword and shield. Instruction in thrown weapons is provided in special circumstances.

Students are, of course, taught self defences against weapons attacks, with the best defence being to avoid the situation. This may not always be possible, but the reality is that unlike in the movies, injury is very possible!

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