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5 June 2016

Fire Dragon is hosting Sifu Jamie Scuffell on the weekend of 18 and 19 June, when he will present a seminar on White Crane Kung Fu.

All Fire Dragon students are encouraged to come - even one day will provide significant knowledge!

Sifu Scuffell is the Inheritor of the Shen Zhou Pai System - Shaking Crane. This is an internal Family Kung Fu style, which is rarely open to non-Family members.

Pai Lum was originally made from White Crane and Dragon styles, and this will be an opportunity to both learn more about our origins, and to understand a little about a different and special martial art.

We are privileged to be taught again by Sifu Scuffell, who is travelling South from Townsville; Grand Master Hardy hopes all Fire Dragon students will join him.

Bookings and deposits are essential - please contact Grand Master Hardy.

Our normal weekend training will take place on Sunday 12th and Sunday 26th June, at the usual time and place.

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