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Fire Dragon Australia


12 May 2017

Pai ShinZan
During a recent "Moment of Silence" for my dear Elder Brother, Pai ShinZan, who recently passed this lifetime and travelled to the next higher dimension of reality, I had a sincere desire to say something publicly, and thus I Am.
One day in the 1970's, I asked My Teacher, Grandmaster Daniel K. Pai, about this Great Warrior and Sheriff of the system. He gently responded by saying, the Sheriff of the system upholds the Law of the System and I request of him when the System needs help, and then responded; that a Great Teacher could teach an entire class and make the newest student feel as though they learned as much as the most senior learned, in that same class.
At the funeral for my Teacher in 1993, I met Pai ShinZan in person. I worked out with him and absorbed as much knowledge as I could for the next 24 years. I learned a great deal from Pai ShinZan during that time, but what fascinated me the most was Pai ShinZan's teaching abilities.
I observed in Pai ShinZan's teachings that very same quality that I had always admired in my Teacher and that which he had told me about, back in the 70's. No matter how well you understood a particular techniques or how slow you might feel you were learning, a Great Teacher made you feel as though you were always a Great Student. I want to acknowledge that for all to hear.
I will miss you my Brother, Sheriff, Great Teacher and Warrior. I know in my Heart and my Mind that you are with our Teacher now and I will see you soon enough.
Long-Shr Bai Xue Long, Pai Lum Temple
"My Brothers and Sisters are my Heart and my Mind"

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