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Fire Dragon Australia


8 March 2020

Fire Dragon takes the threat to student health posed by the new coronavirus (COVID19) very seriously.

This disease is much more serious than most 'flus, and it poses particular threats to those who are older - 65 +, or who have serious underlying medical conditions.

It is spread primarily though close contact with an infected person, but can also be spread by contact with contaminated surfaces.

The most important way we can ensure everyone is protected is to stay at home, away from class, if you, or someone you live with has been confirmed as having COVID19.

If you or someone you live with has been overseas to a country with lots of COVID19, please do not come to class for 14 days after you were last there.

If you have any communicable illness, please do not come to class, and if it is like a 'flu or cold, please get yourself checked out by a medical doctor.

If you have been diagnosed with COVID19, please let your Chief Instructor know as soon as possible.

In training:

Wash your hands before you start training, with the soap and water in the toilet-changing rooms.

Wash your hands after warm-ups, and again during class.

Wash your hands after training has finished.

If you cough or sneeze, please do so into your elbow rather than your hand

Help wash down training pads before and after use with disinfectant.

If you are sick:

If you have to self-isolate and need some support, please let your Chief Instructor know. We will do what we can to help – for example by dropping supplies around to where you are staying. We are a Family, and will take care of each other.

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