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NAS Tournament Round Two 2004

23 March 2004

The second round for this year's National All Style competition was held on Sunday the 23rd of May. The competition went well; the only entrant from Fire Dragon was Sifu Shr-Zr, who entered both form and point sparring. However, not content with competing, Shr Zr also is an official with the tournament, and assisted the tournament by judging with Master Hardy who has responsibilities as the ACT Technical Director.

Some strong competition in the Men's Open Forms saw Shr Zr placed second, performing Golden Fist, a high level snake form, and a favourite of Grandmaster St Charles'.

In Shr-Zr's second event, point sparring, there was also some strong competition from very experienced martial artists. Shr-Zr's first fight was close and went to time with a final result of 3:2 in Shr-Zr's favour. The second bout was also close, but this time not in Shr-Zr's favour. This meant another fight, for third place, which Shr Zr was able to win convincingly. A solid performance for the third place trophy!

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