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Fire Dragon Australia


27 May 2020

Fire Dragon is pleased to announce that from Saturday 30 May, we will be able to train indoors again.

So we will resume training in the All Saints Church from the start of June 2020.

We will also be undertaking specific measures to protect students, their families, and the community as a whole.

These will be in accord with ACT Government requirements, and the policies of Kung Fu Wushu ACT.

Students should pay attention to the following priority changes:

While we are now allowed to train indoors, we still need to maintain 1.5 distance from other people in class, and before we come into class, we will have out temperature checked, and will need to clean our hands with soap and water or the provided hand sanitiser.

No student or Instructor should come to class if feeling unwell.

Please note that spectators are no longer allowed, and parents are no longer allowed in class with their children unless also training.

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