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Fire Dragon Australia

Let's get through Canberra's Lockdown!

26 September 2021

Dragons, as we work our way through Canberra's lockdown, there are some things we can do:

Work out as much as you can, to bring harmony of mind and body.

To work out with others, feel free to contact Grand Master Neal Hardy - or contact him just to have some personal guidance or to say hello.

Remember our weekly Zoom meetings on Sunday afternoons - join in and say hi to everyone else who can make it. All students of the Dragon are very welcome!😊

Get yourself vaccinated against Covid-19 as soon as you are able: it will give you good personal protection, and will help protect those close to you, and our community. Much as we teach the value of Chi Gung, and that it may help ward off colds and flus, Covid-19 is a very different virus. Let's use all measures to protect ourselves, and the Dragon!😊

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