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3 December 2010

December is a short month, so students are encouraged to train as much as they can before our Christmas break -

Training will be as usual up to Thursday December 23, and there will be an additional training session on Monday 20th, from 7.00pm to 8.30 pm (after weapons).

There will be the one weekend training session this month, on Sunday 5th, at our usual time of 5.00pm. Mak sure you dress for the weather!

Our Christmas dinner will be on Friday 17th December - for details, contact your instructor. And remember, as a Family style, you're welcome to bring along favoutite relatives and friends.

And, keep an eye out for Guinness World Records, on Monday 6th, 7.30 pm, on 7Mate.

For those who missed it, the Fire Dragon team regained their previous Guineess World Record for speed breaking concrete on Master Hardy's chest, as shown on television on 29th November. (Pictures and more will be posted on our Website this month.)

Remember - keep working out over Christmas, have a very good festive season, and training will resume in January on Tuesday 3rd.

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