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Fire Dragon Australia

Women Warriors

Women have been welcome in Pai Lum since the early days, and have reached the highest levels in the Art.


Women Warriors enjoying their own company on the mats
Women Warriors enjoying their own company on the mats

Women of every age train in Pai Lum,, and are treated simply as students (and Instructors as appropriate). Obviously, attention is paid to relative size, and to experience, as with all students. It is pertinent to remember that larger people tend to have more reach and absolute power - but that smaller people tend to move faster.

Women Warriors are trained to be mentally flexible and precise with their fighting strategy, and are encouraged to apply sometimes quite vicious attacks to vulnerable areas.

It is important that men learn to treat women as equals in class (and outside as well of course) - and that women are comfortable working out and training hard with men as well as with each other.

An unfortunate fact in our society, is that aggression happens, that most aggressors are male, and many attack women and girls. We train our Women Warriors to deal with any situation, and if necessary, with any attacker.


Women Warriors - in the front row!
Women Warriors - in the front row!

Every Black Belt in the Fire Dragon Club has earned their rank - with mental and physical toughness. The fact that there are women among the Black Belt ranks shows that there are no barriers in Pai Lum.

ShrFu Jayne Hardy; and ShrFu Elinor Jean have all learned much - including about their own capacities - and all have much to teach.

And a woman's perspective on the Art helps make it complete - remember, there is male in the female, and female in the male. Understanding this is part of being whole, and in harmony understanding yourself.


Self defence is foremost among the skills taught in Pai Lum Kung Fu, though in general class, it is balanced with coordination, meditation, Chi Gung, basic techniques and forms.

For some, an understanding of self defence is of prime importance, and Fire Dragon offers Womens' Self Defence courses to interested groups.

It is of course, wise to understand that self defence incorporates many aspects, including self confidence - if you like - the hidden benefits of learning.

Learning exactly how to cause physiological disruption!
Learning exactly how to cause physiological disruption!

FROM Senior Master Lisa Cohen


The element of surprise. That's the strongest advantage a woman has in fighting a male assailant. So, we utilize
this element in orchestra with our training. Isn't it wonderful that Pai Lum can supply us with not just a healthy body and mind, but with a high level of self-defence ability as well. This article will step away from pure Pai Lum technique and deal with some common-sense strategies for defence of oneself.

Car Safety:

Entering: When heading to your car, keep your key in your hand (not the key ring). Check the back seat before and
after opening the door. Lock the door as soon as you get into your vehicle.

Driving: Never drive so close the vehicle in front of you that you cannot maneouvre to sway around it. Never drive
to your home if you suspect you are being 000 and head to the nearest police station.

Exiting: Never exit the vehicle without looking around you. Again, be sure to have your key in your hand (not the key ring). It is a great weapon. If returning home, if it
seems as if there is someone on premise who should not be there, don't go out to check it out yourself. Leave!

The techniques I teach in my women's self-defence courses are designed to interrupt vision, breathing or to cause pain....not to kill. They are designed as defence to disrupt attack and allow time to flee. Primary Targets in the event you should need to protect yourself.

Hands Eyes Throat Ears Groin Instep


Specialized courses for women in self defence are available by arrangement. A minimum of 10 students is required, and course details, including cost, times and duration can be negotiated to suit students' needs

Contact Grand Master Hardy on , or 0421 849 551.