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Fire Dragon Australia

Understanding Yourself

The Way can be viewed as seeking harmony or Wah. Harmony within oneself, harmony with one's environment.

There are many paths to the Way, some include study of Martial Arts, some do not. Whatever path you choose, it is worth remembering that while attaining Wah can be difficult, retaining Wah can be even more elusive in today's environment, with a multitude of calls upon our attention and energy. The goal is still, however, worth the effort!

So, Wah comes with understanding of how the self is part of the whole, and thus depends on understanding the self. For many, this is the most difficult part of life and training. The prime requisite is accepting yourself, and this can be the hardest task of all.

It is important to realise that none of us is perfect. Some can see what we would like to be, but the gap between that vision and the current reality can seem insurmountable. However, every obstacle can be overcome -

Part of accepting the self is understanding that reaching perfection takes time and effort, and maintaining that effort is a difficult but worthwhile task. Most of us have some personality "warts" - accept that, while trying to smooth them away. Some things that we don't like at first we learn to accept.

If you feel disheartened that others do not seem to value you, or perhaps you feel should not value you, put this into proportion: while the opinions of others can be a reflection, they are not the whole. Value yourself!

Remember, too, that change is part of learning! As you learn, as you travel along the Way, you will change - and value and understand the new you.

Every journey starts with a single step, and there are steps in accepting yourself too: First thing in the morning after you get up, look in a mirror, and tell yourself "I look fantastic, I feel great!" It doesn't matter how you think you feel, tell yourself you feel good, and you will. This is the power of your mind.

Use positive language about yourself, to yourself, and with others. Remember to pat yourself on the back - it doesn't mean you should acquire a swollen ego, but it does mean you should recognise your abilities, your skills, and your successes - and we all have some. And, perhaps, take a step along the way of the White Dragon. Every step is difficult, every step worth while, and every step gives you rewards.

And for those who have travelled a while along this Way, remember that as the Way becomes steeper, your abilities will increase.

With self acceptance, you open the way to understanding yourself, and this allows you to understand how you are a part of the whole. Thus comes Wah.

The Way of the White Dragon is a Way of achieving harmony. You will change in your journey along the Way - you will become stronger, yet more flexible and adaptable. Your capacity to help others will increase, as will your enjoyment of your own life. Look at yourself and see the changes from time to time. Understand!

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