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Fire Dragon Queanbeyan

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Our classes are held on Monday and Wednesday evenings, from 6:30 to 8:00 pm, at 17 Thorpe Ave, via Glebe Park, Queanbeyan.

Classes are $7 per night, or $50 per month, which includes two training sessions each month in Downer on Sunday afternoons.

All that's required to attend is loose, comfortable clothing and an open mind. After you've trained for a few weeks, and think you want to stay, you will need to buy a uniform, consisting of Pai Lum t-shirt, black pants and a Pai Lum patch. When you grade for White Sash you will need basic protective gear for sparring.

It is fine to just rock up to a session to see what we do. Spectators are welcome - they encourage students to do work harder!

Fire Dragon Queanbeyan is a relatively new club, and still growing. We now have several senior student, as well as beginners, and there always seems to be someone getting ready for a grading. We have had a couple of moves, and will advise of our new location early in 2005. I place a lot of emphasis on personal, individual training, and will maintain this as we grow. We will always maintain our friendly, interactive atmosphere.

Our classes usually consist of meditation, followed by half to three-quarters of an hour of stretching and toning exercises and cardiovascular warm-ups. The rest of the class is structured differently every night depending on who is there and what they want (or need!) to work on, sometimes whether they know they need to or not. What this means is, in every class I offer a new challenge, a new experience, and a new lesson to every student-this element is included in warm-ups.

The most important aspect of our training is our forms. They are the text books of Pai Lum and we work on them almost every night, perfecting, amending and increasing the skills inherent in them, learning and applying new interpretations.

The benefit of having a class of people is that you get to work with partners so I try to get people working together as often as I can. Working on two-person techniques and self-defences, spending time on different variations and applications, helps address problems faced by different students for the benefit of all.