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Fire Dragon Australia

Am I learning?

Learning Pai Lum Kung Fu is a difficult path - if it were easy, it could not have the same benefits. Your Instructors' job is to facilitate your progress - to show you how to achieve your potential as a Martial Arts student, and as a person. However, every student has to tread the path themselves, and every student has at some stage asked "Is it worth it?"

The plain fact of the matter is that most students find what they need without progressing to Black Belt level, and for some, the Way of the White Dragon is not their Way. Master Hardy aims however, to have every student who comes to him gain something, no matter how long or short a time she or he studies Pai Lum Kung Fu. Even a student who comes for one lesson, should gain from that lesson.

Of course, the longer a student studies, the more he or she can learn, about both Martial Arts, and themselves. While initial lessons will mostly be about breathing, standing, and Pai Lum basics, it is also a voyage of self discovery and self-realisation.

Your progress is measured therefore not just in your physical prowess, but also in your mental and emotional strength. At times, progress can seem agonisingly slow, and students can feel they will never improve, or that their teacher will never see how good they are. Every student faces plateaux in their training.

If you as a student are unhappy with yourself or your progress - talk to your Instructor about it. After all, teaching is a two way process, and your Instructor cannot know everything you are thinking and feeling. He or she will be able to tell you what they are looking for from you, and how you can gain a higher level of understanding. Sometimes, of course, it just takes practice, and time. After all, it is important to learn to try without trying. But your Instructor is there to help you understand, and to show you how to traverse the plateaux of training.

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