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What if I'm not fit?

Fitness is like the proverbial piece of string. It is very hard to be too fit, but it is very rare that the beginning student will be as fit as he or she can be! There are many components of fitness, including cardio-vascular, flexibility, strength, and freedom from injury. Because we tailor training to the needs of the individual in the Fire Dragon Club, very few prospective students would not be fit enough to train. Remember that every journey starts with a single step, and fitness is no different.

Your instructor can ask no more from you than what you can give: try your hardest, and he or she will be happy. Remember, though, that while you need to push your bodies abilities and limits in order to improve, you should try to stay inside those limits! (Yet another paradox that becomes understood with training!)

If you have injuries or illnesses, you must let your instructor know, for your safety, and so that exercises can be designed to meet your needs. Students who commence (or recommence) training after the age of 40 are advised to obtain clearance from a doctor before starting, but age as such is no impediment to training. In fact, many younger students find the mental discipline of the Way harder than older students.

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