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Fire Dragon Australia

Use your knowledge wisely

You will learn many things in your study of the Way of the White Dragon; it is your responsibility to use that knowledge wisely, and not to abuse it. Unwise use of knowledge can bring both you and the Club, indeed, the Way itself, into disrepute. It can also lead to damage - to you, and to others.

If you need to defend yourself or someone else, use only appropriate force, and remember, the White Dragon does not seek to provoke confrontation: wherever possible, it is better to avoid conflict. A warning: when the Way of the White Dragon is not followed - when there is not good reason to use force, you are more likely to fail. But, if conflict is necessary, may the Dragon be with you!

The Way can give you incredible strength - the power to break hard materials, to withstand impact, and to achieve what others may feel impossible. This strength too, should be used wisely, for it has a cost. As you grow in the Way, your mind and Ch'i will grow with your body, but if your strengths are used unwisely they can lead to injury. Even in training, work within the limits of your body, while you seek to extend those limits.

As the Way is more than kicking and punching, remember that you should try to be a Dragon in everything you do: use your strengths wisely and well, remedy your weaknesses, and apply what you learn as a student to your everyday life. So, breathe well, stand well, move smoothly and with balance. As you progress in the Way, you will understand yourself better; when you move from your Ch'i point, you will achieve your goals. As you seek to fulfil your dreams, dream wisely.

Seek perfection, but seek without trying. The superlative students acts without conscious thought, but acts correctly!

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